We use various fishing techniques, depending on the season, weather conditions or the kind of fish we would like to catch. Currican fishing ( Trolling fishing ) is possibly one of the most spectacular ways of angling. For that purpose we will be travelling at low speed and will have several rods planted at the rear (stern) of the boat. These rods will be pulling various kind of Lure or even life-bait. The predator-fish that will attack those, are usually of bigger size and very good fighters.

Another way of fishing is, being the engines off, drifting or throwing the anchor on fishing-spots that are well known to us. Than we will let down to the ground the line with a weight and several hooks. On the hooks we will put fresh bait. Ground-fishing is great fun and very entertaining as the fish will bite almost inmediatelly, when available. At depths of 80-200 meters, we will use a very heavy lead weights and use the electrically powered fishing reels. By the way, fish caught with this technique are usually of best quality and very appreciated at local restaurants. have their drink and food.

If you’d like to try a really sportive technique… you will be doing the «Jigging» or «Spinning». In this case the boat will be anchored or drifting and we will be using various kind of Lure and special rods. Casting on the ground, on surface and in the waters in between. All the equipment that is required therefore, is always available on the boat. Fishing that way, we will avoid catching the non-desired little ones, only the bigger ones will bite on the Lure.

Our fishing area extends from Barcelona to Blanes, up to 12 miles off the coast and water depths up to 250 meters. ( When Big Game and Tuna trips, it will be some further beyond, up to 25 miles.) When usual fishing trips, the coast will usually be always within the range of vision. As you can see on Google Maps, the continental plateau reaches up to 12 miles out into the ocean. These shallow waters are full of reefs and sinks, in which fish do breed and feed.

A typical fishing trip starts at 8:30 and ends about 14:00 o’clock, time for lunch. (Special requests will be attendet.) If you want to go Tuna Fishing, you have to reckon with about 7 hours because we have to travel further out onto the sea then. Although the smaller Tuna do come very close to the coast usually, both in springtime and autumn. You may view from the beach sometimes… almost.